Dr. Hinlicky's Practice  

Trained in both child/adolescent psychiatry and pediatrics, my focus encompasses ADHD, learning differences, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, developmental disabilities, Asperger's/autistic spectrum disorders, and behavioral problems. My approach is holistic and eclectic; I try to tailor therapeutic modalities to fit the specific needs of an individual patient.

School problems
Learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder, Behavioral problems, school advocacy, IEP's, 504 accommodations

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder
Evaluation and multimodal treatment of ADHD

Anxiety and Depression
eclectic psychotherapy and medication evaluation/management

Adjustment issues in children, teenagers and young
general evaluation, management, psychotherapy and medication evaluation/management for all clinical mental health problems in children, teenagers and young adults

Asperger's disorder and Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Evaluation, psychotherapy, medication evaluation/management

Care Philosophy
The child or teenager is a unique individual but also lives as an integral member of a family and wider community. My holistic approach tries to evaluate and address all aspects of the individual's life in order to best facilitate growth. I try to be open to all avenues of intervention, and alter the approach to the individual and family.